The badminton sessions (at Steenokkerzeel) are amongst the most ancient activities sponsorised by the skeyes club.

Despite a ‘fallback’ in 2016/2017, both new and former players have taken up their rackets again to play on Tuesday noon.


When?       on Tuesday noon, 12.00 to 13.00 pm (an ics file for outlook and google calendar is available on demand)

Where?      Sporthal Hertblock, 1820 Steenokkerzeel

Formula?   Free to play, with subscriptions on the doodle/framadate

Price?          10 EUR per year (September to June)
                      A first test session is free of charge

Material?   Breathable sportswear (skeyes club polo and short),
                      Shoes with “white sole” are highly recommended,
                      2 rackets can be lent, but having your own racket is recommended (first racket correct at 20 € at Decathlon),
Badminton shuttlecocks are provided (Yonex Mavis 300 white and yellow),

Facilities?  Showers are available in the Sporthal,
                      A skeyes car is available (starting on CANAC parking at 11:50 and then front of H building),

Contact?    Alban Quesnel (or Rutger Van den Abeele)

Welcome to all of your and see you soon

Several articles about badminton have also been published, follow the link:

It has been for several years now that our colleagues in the regions have their own badminton activity. Follow this (future) link for more information.