Brussels Airport – Marathon – Semi – Quarter

Dear colleague,

Dear skeyes runner,

The preparation for the 2020 edition of the Brussels Airport Marathon, Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon has already been launched by Brussels Airport Company.

The date : Sunday 4 October 2020.

It will be a new circuit (much flatter) in Brussels; announcement : 6 FEB 2020.


42 km

21 km

10 km (NEW)

Brussels Airport Company foresees:

  1. an Advanced Running Program (2 x 12 weeks) together with the Bakala Academy (see their website), located at the KU Leuven University.
  2. 2 groups trainings / week with a professional coach
  3. 1 team building event in MAY
  4. VIP arrangement on the 4th OCT

The goals are:

– running program for the employees of Brussels Airport Company & other companies (skeyes) located at Brussels Airport

– awareness around daily healthy lifestyle including sports and movement

– accessible for every employee

– activating the sponsorship of the Brussels Marathon

– improving the corporate well-being

Program of presentations:

– 7 FEB ’20: kick-off with Prof. Dr. P. Hespel

– APR ’20: nutrition with Prof. Dr. P. Hespel

– SEP ’20: Koen NAERT, Jacques BORLÉE, Prof. Dr. P. Hespel

 Training program and follow-up

– MAR ’20: Testing 1 at Bakala Academy + 12 weeks program + nutrition and prevention

– JUN ’20:  Testing 2 at Bakala Academy + 12 weeks program

Such a program costs +/- € 2.000 pp BAC sponsors.

The final cost will be +/- € 500 per person.

I will try to get extra sponsoring via BAC and skeyes club.

My question(s):

Let me know ASAP if you are interested and motivated (to pay +/- € 500) to follow the whole program.

I need to know it BEFORE 14 FEB 2020 (for the subscription).

If you are registered, you will be an ambassador for skeyes.

Do you know colleagues which might be interested and which are not in the mailing list? Please inform them.

Bart Knaeps

skeyes club

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