Congratulations to our skeyes sports teams on their fine performances!

skeyes has always encouraged team building through sports activities to strengthen cooperation between colleagues, both through the skeyes club and by sponsoring special events.

Recently, skeyes sports team members organised and/or participated in two major sporting events: the European Controllers Cup (ECC) 2024 and the annual ‘Hockey Corporate’ tournament. We are proud to present their respective results here!

The European Controllers Cup (ECC) from 13 to 17 May in Leuven

May saw the annual football tournament – the European Controllers Cup (ECC) – organised by and for air traffic controllers from European countries. This 56th edition was organised by the skeyes team and took place in Leuven. The numbers are impressive: there were more than 800 participants, divided into 37 teams representing 21 different countries!

And what was the result for the Bruce team?

It’s not a mistake, you are reading it right! For several years now, the skeyes players have formed one team with the ATCOs from Nice. Hence the name ‘Bruce’ that also reflects the team’s united forces.

Bottom (from left to right): 1st -Andrei Sturzu, 4th – Joeri Lissens – 5th – Bjorn Borrey

Top (from left to right): 4th- Borja Calvo, 5th – Leander Daveloose – 6th – Lauren Cockx – 7th – Tom Michiels et 8th – Lorenz Vermeêre.

The others are from team Nice. .

And the results get better every year: after their second-place finish in the 2023 final, Bruce was determined to get revenge this year, moreover because it was a home game. And their efforts paid off! They won the 2024 ECC Cup!

Bravo and a big round of applause to all team members!

Especially since the last match against Kazakhstan was no cakewalk! During this exciting match, striker Tom Michiels (skeyes, ATS/ACC West) scored two goals. But Kazakhstan managed to come

back and even levelled shortly before the end of the match. Fortunately, the linesman saw an offside, so the score remained unchanged: 2-1 for Bruce, the winning team! A brilliant and well-deserved final score, which was celebrated at the closing ceremony.

This sporting event will be held in Maastricht next year.

orting event will be held in Maastricht next year.

– The annual ‘Hockey Corporate’ tournament on 24 May – Evere

The 14th edition of this annual inter-company hockey tournament, at beginner level, brought together a dozen teams this year at the Royal White Star Hockey Club in Evere, divided into 4 pools of 3. The skeyes team, made up of 10 colleagues, defended its colours very well, winning 2nd place in the 1st pool and 5th place (out of 12) in the final ranking. Click here for more details on the team’s results.

What do the participants remember most? The great atmosphere, despite the rainy and gloomy weather, as the photos below show.

Below (from left to right): Joost Van Dam, Femke Vanholderbeke, K.J. Undorf, Diego Bote Chamorro, and Cathy Van Wolvelaer.

Above (from left to right): Réginald de Borman, Thomas Longin, Maarten Borghgraef, Maxime Antoine-Moussiaux, and Patrick Vennekens.

A great picture of the skeyes team together with the Brussels Airlines team!

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