Bumperball Extreme : Nice Teambuilding Event!

Looking for a day full of fun and sports? We present you Bumperball Extreme 2018! A combination of football and rugby but well protected in a big ball! No football skills required! A fun moment for you and your colleagues. 

  • Date: 15 September 2018
  • Place: Bekaf Terrain Aarschot
  • Inscription: Arno Wierinckx – FDS – Canac2 (wia@belgocontrol.be) or bumperballextreme@hotmail.com
  • Sponsorized by BSC! : 
  • One Belgocontrol service participating: 35% sponsor: Cost for the full team: 35€
  • Few Belgocontrol services participating: 70% sponsor: Cost for the full team: ONLY 15€!
I you still have power after the game, you can enjoy the FREE afterparty with your colleagues! (Also free if not playing the game)


Hope to see you there!

Arno Wierinckx

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