Vikings voor kinderkankerfonds

Hello !

My name is Rutger Van Den Abeele from DGS Voice/Communications and I love running, especially obstacle running.

On 29 September I will participate to the Ultra Viking run in Germany.
It consists of a run of 60km, 3300 height-meters and more than 135 obstacles within a time limit of 10 hours.

It is one of the hardest runs I do for charity, to support the Belgian ‘Kinderkankerfonds’ , a fund that helps kids who have cancer.

The Belgocontrol Sport Committee sponsors my participation.

Do you want to help too ? It is very simple: you can either sponsor each km or just make a donation.

You will find all info on my facebook page “vikings voor kinderkankerfonds” and instagram vikings4kkf

Thanks a lot in advance !


Rutger Van den Abeele
Tervuursesteenweg 303, B-1820 Steenokkerzeel, Belgium
T: 9102



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