Ekiden – 2021

The Ekiden is a running event for teams of 6 runners.

Start and finish are in the King Baudouin Stadium, where also the relay zone is situated. Most part of the 5 km track goes via the parc of Laken.

Participants are running the track once or twice, and as such each team will complete a full marathon. For most teams participating is more important than winning, as such the event can be seen as a nice team building experience too.

This year skeyes was participating with 1 team:

Hilde Dekleermaeker, Geert Beeckman, Joeri Lissens, Danilo Pisciottu, Stefan Heyninck, Huibrecht Kornegoor. Of course Bart Knaeps was also present, as our reserve runner and the best organiser and motivator.

Team “skeyes01” finished in a magical 3:33:33 on a 182nd place out of 598 teams.

Well done to all !

Our military colleagues also participated with 1 team:

Dimitri Lafourte, Jérôme Legait, Boike Geyselinck, Vincent Van Den Spiegel, Constance Prevot, Bernard Bodart.

Team “atcc01” finished on a 99th place in a time of 3:20:18.

Congratulations !

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