Ultra viking 2018 (Wiehl Germany)

Ultra Viking 2018 (Wiehl Germany).

Running is my passion and every year I try to go further and faster.
I wanted to use my passion to help others, 3 years ago I decided to dedicate every year my longest race to “kinderkankerfonds”.

Since the beginning of the year I was already counting down to the Ultra viking and I trained like a beast.
My coach Willem Van Schuerbeeck (Olympic marathon runner) helped me prepare for this challenge.

Almost every weekend I did an obstacle race, I even ran some obstacle races in other countries (France, Germany, Netherlands, Andorra…)
I ran several marathons and participated in the Spartan European Championships in Morzine France were I got selected for the Spartan trifecta world championships in Greece this November.

When it was finally time for the Ultra Viking I was very pumped and motivated. This was my first ultra race.

The race started at 9am, it was 2 degrees outside, so a very cold start.
Towards the end of the race it was almost 20 degrees, temperature was not our friend that day 🙂

At the start there were 600 participants, everybody was very excited. It was an awesome experience to be there.
We had to run 4 laps (2x20km, 1x13km and 1x7km) and we had to finish every lap in a certain time otherwise the organization would eliminate you from the race.

Every lap was very hard and consisted of almost nothing but hills.
But the laps were amazing, nice nature, breath taking panorama’s and I definitely had enough time to enjoy them 🙂

The obstacles (135) included carrying chains, carrying sand bags, rope climbing, mud trenches, ice cold water, monkey bars…
every obstacle was monitored and if you failed an obstacle you receives 10 penalty burpees.

I finished the race after 08:30. From the 600 participants only 258 finished.
The fastest time was 07:19, and the average time 9:33.
The organization didn’t gave a ranking.

I want to thank Belgocontrol, BSC and all colleagues for the support!

2 thoughts on “Ultra viking 2018 (Wiehl Germany)”

  1. Rutger, ne dikke proficiat! Je moet er maar aan beginne hé, 60km parcours met 135 hindernissen.
    Volgend jaar opnieuw?

    1. Thx Bart ? zoizo terug iets voor kinderkankerfonds volgend jaar, heb al een grotere uitdaging in gedachte ?

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