European Controllers Cup 2024 Leuven

Like every year, skeyes will participate in the European Controllers Cup (football tournament between different European air traffic control centres).

2024 will be a special year for us because this edition will take place in Leuven from 13 to 18 May 2024.
The organisation team is therefore looking for colleagues who would like to get involved in this event:
-football players
-members of the organising committee

Do not hesitate to contact Mimoum Mokhtar (ACC Controller) if you need more information.

Find below all the information concerning this event, which already looks extraordinary!


The European Controllers Cup (ECC) is a yearly football
tournament, gathering up to 1000 air traffic controllers
from 33 different countries & up to 48 teams!

All participants pay a fixed participation fee. The main costs are hotel
accommodation, transportation and social events. Sponsoring helps the Organizing
Committee to keep the participation fee as low as possible.
The tournament is made possible only by the help of voluntary air traffic
controllers, their friends and family.

Every year the ECC family supports a local charity which is
chosen by the Organizing Committee.
In 2022, €8.000 was donated to an Italian Children’s Hospital

Participating is way more important than winning. Football serves as a connecting
factor between colleagues from different countries and cultures.
Besides the fame for the winners, ECC focuses on alternative trophies, such as the
Cheerleaders cup, Fairplay Trophy and “The Spirit of ECC” trophy.

ECC 2024
Following successful ‘Belgian’ editions in 1984 & 2004 in Leuven, and 2014 in
Oostende, team Bruce (a collaboration between air traffic controllers from Team
Brussels and Team Nice) have made a bid to host the ECC 2024 in Leuven again…
At the Captain’s Meeting of the ECC 2022, our bid was unanimously accepted,
meaning Leuven will host 56th edition from 13 till 18 May 2024!

Monday: Arrival of participants & Welcome Party
Tuesday: Football group phase
Wednesday: Football group phase & Captain’s Meeting
Thursday: Football Knock-out phase
Friday: Finals & Farewell Party with diner, drinks and entertainment
Saturday: Departure of participants

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