Road to the final of the skeyes club Ping-pong Tournament 2019

After a few weeks of fun and good games in the different groups, the first stage of the Ping-Pong tournament is now completed!

We can now start with the most exiting phase: the knock-out phase!

Each group winner will then play against a player that end on the second position in an other group.

The 8 best players of this tournament will start from the quarter-finals, followed by the semi-finals and the Final and match for 3rd place.

Please find here the draw:

Jonathan Roelandt
Pablo Caro
Quentin Budo
Fabien Chatterjee
Réginald de Borman
Nathalie Rousseau
Karl Roeder
Valentijn De Borggrave

All the games must be played before the Sportsday that will take place on 21/06/2019

Have fun and good luck!

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