Adecco Brussels Ekiden 2019

Dear colleague,

Dear runner,


Ekiden, a Japanese tradition.

The Adecco Brussels Ekiden is a relay marathon that is run with 6 runners per team. All teams start together at 1 p.m. In a team, they bridge the magical marathon distance. Standard distances in walking order: 5 km + 10 km + 5 km + 10 km + 5 km + 7.195 km (total 42.195 km).

Marathons and long-distance running are immensely popular in Japan. A popular variant, especially around New Year, is the Ekiden. It is therefore from the “land of the rising sun” that this athletics discipline came over.

Ekiden is a combination of two words in Japanese. Eki means “place” and Den stands for “delivery”. In earlier times, important documents in Japan were swiftly taken from various places by various runners.

The Ekiden sporting event is based on this classic courier service. The package of documents is symbolized by a sash, the Tasuki.

Six people form a team where each team member runs their own distance.

The repayments therefore happen with a special redemption ribbon, the “tasuki” that hangs from the shoulder, diagonally across the chest, to the hip. The Ekiden is an exciting competition as the success of the team depends on each of the six runners. Everyone on the team therefore has an important function.

That is why this competition is popular with many companies.

Just this: the world record has been in the name of a Kenyan team since 2005: 1h57m06s. Walked in Chiba, Japan.


So, if you are interested to take part in this great event, please don’t forget to register you.


Practical information:


Participation is free: 100% sponsored by skeyes club!!!

Date: Saturday 19 October 2019, start at 13h00.



As previous years, I will (try to) manage the composition of the teams and their inscriptions.

To do so, please let me know and this before Tuesday 1 October, if you will participate, which distance(s) you like to run and which time(s) you think to run that distance(s).

For the registration, I also need:

  • Name, first name
  • Login ID skeyes, phone number skeyes
  • Genus
  • Birthdate
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • E-mail, mobile, emergency telephone
  • Interested in carpooling? Y/N

A team consists of 6 runners : 5km + 10km + 5km + 10km + 5 km + 7,2km

If you think other colleagues, not mentioned in the distribution list, may be interested, please forward them this mail.

You may already start your training 🙂

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